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How We Started

Since 2006 Blanche D’s Baking Co. has been providing non GMO,  preservative free organic desserts.  It started with my grandmother Blanche D’s famous recipe for French Egg Custard and has grown from there to include cookies, cakes and loaf breads.  The loving care that Grandmom used in her baking has been passed down into creation that Blanche D’s Baking Co. bakes.

Our Story

“In 2006, I brought my Grandmother’s French Egg Custard to share with colleagues at work.  The custard was so popular that it didn’t even last until lunch break with many of my co-workers left without a taste.  I immediately ran home and brought in the custard I had left for my family.  That one  disappeared within minutes as well.  I felt this was a sign that Grandmom’s treats needed to be shared with everybody.  Since Then, I have used the same care and dedication yo fresh and organic ingredients to create  other flavors of custards and have added cookies, loaf breads and even a Sour Cream Coffee cake.  Best of all, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the treats.  All you need to do is order and I will deliver them fresh and full of goodness.”

– Dawn Reid, Owner

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What Our Customers Say

“We don’t live in Texas anymore but we are always looking for an excuse to order some treats from Blanche D’s. Everything is so Delicious!”

– Sharina, Atlanta

“The best custard tarts I’ve ever had! I always get them for gifts, both for others and for myself.”

– Dan, Dallas

“I have been making coffee cakes for a long time but I can just never get mine to be quite as good as Blanche D’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake. The good thing is, I can always just order one from her!”

– Charlotte, Fort Worth

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